Veridocs Overview

Veridocs was created as a direct result of the tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001. Following 911, the USA Patriot Act altered the way businesses would interact with patron specific to account opening, financial transactions and identity management. In 2005, Mike Pate and Dennis Nelson co-founded Veridocs and launched the first of many services to address the USA Patriot Act directives. The initial service was designed to authenticate government issued identification documents (ID) and to vet the patrons against multiple local, state and federal regulatory mandated watch lists. For the first time a solution provided assurance that the ID of patrons were authentic and assisted in mitigating their risk of fraudulent financial transactions.

In October 2006, the Venetian Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip was the first casino resort to install the Veridocs solution and today it is implemented in casino properties around the world. Veridocs services has grown dramatically throughout the gaming industry – the pit, hotel check-in, nightclubs, card rooms, security and surveillance, cage, credit and compliance.

Stop Fraud Before it Occurs

If you're looking to stop fraud before loss occurs, Veridocs has the solution. Our preemptive risk mitigation products/services help protect your assets, reduce shrinkage, improve efficiencies and ensure you "Know Your Customers". The evolution of the Veridocs solution is enhancing productivity and customer service, not only to the gaming industry, but in financial, hotel, public safety, telecommunications, health care, and retail to name a few.

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