The Patron ID Validation & Verification solution from Veridocs was developed for businesses looking to enhance their existing customer ID management system and add a robust first line of defense mechanism against patrons entering their property (i.e. casinos, nightclubs, bars, special events, etc.) with counterfeit IDs, under-aged, and anyone on an internal or external Watch List.

The Veridocs system sets itself apart from competing solutions by taking the patron management process beyond simple ID validation. At the nucleus of the Veridocs system, lies its revolutionary software that seamlessly works with any operation’s existing IT infrastructure and system.  Once deployed, security personnel can perform all of the following immediately at the entrance/check-point of the property: 

  • Authenticate the validity of the identification document
    • Validate all built-in security features on an ID such as holograms, watermarks, etc.
    • Compare the physical information of the ID to barcode and magstripe information embedded in the document
    • Ensure the machine readable zone (MRZ) format is correct and verify the information on the front of the document
  • Check the patron against internal and external VIP or Watch List
  • Send email and SMS alerts to security, surveillance, and customer loyalty departments for clearance and notification purposes

Some of the key features and conveniences provided by the Veridocs system are:

  • Accurate and easy-to-read color-coded results
    • Passed, Caution and Failed
    • Under-Aged
    • Watch-List Restricted
  • Fully Automated Alert System
  • Enlarged image of the document for better scrutiny
    • Better visual of the photograph
    • Easier to read physical information
  • Built-in qualifiers for questioning ownership of a good identification
    • Astrological sign associated with ID birthday
    • “Happy Birthday” message based on the identifications listed birth date
    • Customized qualifiers

With the Patron ID Validation and Verification solution from Veridocs, all staff guesswork is alleviated and the security system’s reliability is enhanced, resulting in an incident-free and safer establishment. Cost-savings yielded from bolstered safety alone for some customers has produced a 100% ROI in just 30 days! 



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