Michael Pate

Chief Technical Officer

In 1989, Mr. Pate transitioned from a professional pari-mutuel handicapper to a software developer, he went to work for McKinnie Systems where he was instrumental in the development and deployment of a computerized, back end horse tracking system. This software was the first of its kind and increased operational efficiencies tenfold at the tracks and provided better customer service to their vendors.

For the past 25 years, Mr. Pate has been managing and developing technology that has primarily focused on various regulatory aspects of the gaming industry. His key focus was to develop solutions that were simple and easy to use, while automating the tedious duties of complying with and reporting to various federal, state and local government regulations. Prior to founding Veridocs with his partner, Dennis Nelson, in 2005 and developing the Veridocs software solution, Mr. Pate was Owner and President of Viper Applications.

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