Retail In the retail, any store can be exposed to a number of fraudulent activities such as Credit card fraud, counterfeit currency, fake credit cards/checks, and money laundering. In addition, coupon and return/receipt fraud are becoming an everyday occurance in the retail sector. Retail stores of all sizes are often dealing with most of the retail fraud instances highlighted above that wipes away their profits.

At Veridocs, we believe fraud mitigation starts with a robust ID validation and verification system. The Veridocs system sets itself apart from competing solutions by taking the patron management process beyond simple ID validation. At its nucleus, the Veridocs solution is powered by a revolutionary software that seamlessly as a standalone unit or can work with the operator’s existing IT infrastructure. Once deployed, security personnel can perform all of the following immediately at the entrance/check-point of the property:

  • Fraud Prevention
  • AML/MTL Automation
  • Watch Lists with Alert Functions
  • Auto-Populate POS Systems


The system performs the following In less than 10 seconds:

  • Scans and validates government issued identification documents (ID)
  • Checks an evolving library of over 2,500 worldwide documents
  • Simultaneously scans and compares data from both sides of the ID
  • Validates all built-in security features: holograms, watermarks
  • Extracts information from embedded media: barcode and magstripe
  • Compares embedded media to physical information of the ID
  • Ensures machine readable zone (MRZ) format is correct

Extracts and displays biographic, image and ID specific information

  • Interfaces with patron loyalty systems, check guarantee, POS and hospitality systems, as well as other third party compliance solutions.

Simultaneously checks patron against both internal and external watch lists

  • OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control), Patron Loyalty, Self-Exclusion, Property & State barred and Regulatory required lists

Stores data in standard SQL database, if needed, for use enterprise-wide

The Veridocs solution not only mitigates your financial, reputational and regulatory risks, but increases operational efficiencies through enhanced communications between operations, finance, security and surveillance functions. With the Veridocs ID Validation and Verification solution from Veridocs, all staff guesswork is alleviated and the security system’s reliability is enhanced, resulting in an incident-free and safer establishment. Cost-savings yielded from bolstered safety alone for some customers has produced a 100% ROI in just 30 days!



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