Veridocs AML/MTL Compliance

The Veridocs AML/MTL Compliance Manager enables you to track both known and unknown patrons throughout your property in real-time and accurately identify patrons when required. Additionally, the Veridocs solution provides you with reporting and assists you with form generation to comply with filing requirements.

Real-Time Tracking

Veridocs’ Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Multiple Transaction Log (MTL) feature provides for entry, monitoring and reporting of all financial transactions in real-time. The AML/MTL screening allows casino personnel to:

  • Customize drop down menus to enter and track unknown patron transactions
    • Select custom descriptors (height, weight, hair and eye color, etc.)
    • Drag and drop photo from surveillance to unknown patron transaction
      • Easily match patrons that were previously unknown
      • Accurately report multiple transactions for the same person
  • Enter and track known patron transactions
    • Player’s Club account number
    • Validate patron identification documents (drivers’ license, passport)
    • Quick find feature for name search
  • Create agent relationships and associate them with patrons

Advanced Notification System

For every transaction entered, the Veridocs solutions assigns a location, date and time and monitors the patron‘s activity against the property specified thresholds. When a patron’s transactions approach any thresholds, Veridocs sends alerts, notifying casino personnel to obtain the necessary information and documentation from the patron, such as:

  • Valid identification document (ID)
  • Social Security Number

Customized Reporting

Veridocs delivers a full audit trail by patron for the day’s activities providing a simple point and click tool to simplify reporting preparation, approval and electronic filing on a daily or customize schedule for all applicable documents such as:

  • Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR)
  • Currency Transaction Reporting (CTR)
  • Multiple Transaction Log (MTL)
  • Money Instrument Log / Negotiable Instrument Log
  • W9 (Tax Withholding)
  • W2G (Income Report Gaming)
  • Audit Reporting

Veridocs can integrate with existing applications to avoid report or log duplications. The report consolidation enables you to streamline the collection, monitoring and reporting processes. This interoperable set of features provides an efficient approach to management review and report authorization of game day transactions. A comprehensive audit trail is readily available for end of shift or end of day management
review. Reports are displayed on screen, available for print or downloaded to a customized reporting tool. Electronic reporting provides ease of document archiving and retrieval for internal audit or external auditors and regulators. 

Veridocs provides a cohesive, easy to use solution that streamlines your compliance and reporting requirements, elevating your ability to identify patrons and enable you to Transact with Confidence.

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