Veridocs ID Validation

Knowing Your Customer (KYC) and understanding who you are dealing with is an essential first step in every transaction that could help minimize risks and also give you the opportunity to drive more revenue without worrying about fraud.

The Veridocs ID Verification system helps you with getting to know your customer. ID Verification goes beyond simply ID scanning and ID verification. With real-time access to various internal and extrnal lists, the Veridocs ID Verfication system and on-demand identity verification solution instantly verifies an identity to ensure transactions move forward quicker and without manual intervention.

What's critical to the viability of a business is finding the balance between security with convenience. While criminals are constantly finding new ways to access your products and services, the tighter fraud prevention procedures can make things more difficult for the majority of customers. At Veridocs, we're mindful of this concern. In case of a threat, a automated alert system can be configured to notify security personnel, ensuring the good customers experience is uninterrupted.

Key advantages include:

  • Instantly Verifies Identity Worldwide
  • Custom Reporting
  • Easy API Integration
  • Customizable Approval Rules
  • Reduces Risk Of Fraud and Charge-Backs
  • Comply with USA Patriot Act, OFAC, and Bank Secrecy Act
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