Our mission is to create a more secure world by delivering innovative identity solutions, enabling our partners to truly know their customer

Veridocs provides our partners with the ID authentication and identity management tools they need for Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, safety & security, and regulatory compliance.

Our flagship technology, Veridocs TrueAuthentication®, reads the components of a domestic or international government-issued identity document and, within seconds, classifies it against a proprietary global document library, compares the physical information to the embedded electronic information, and authenticates its built-in security features.

Simultaneously, our TrueListCheck™ – can check the patron against a customizable group of watch lists and send alerts sent to various departments such as security, surveillance, and customer loyalty.

Our TrueListReview™ technology supports continued compliance through regular and on-demand monitoring of customer and watch lists. TrueListReview extends the power of TrueListCheck or easily integrates into existing systems as a stand-alone module.

These technologies have made Veridocs the number one provider for identity management in the highly regulated gaming industry. Building on that success, our technologies also offer these capabilities to markets including entrance and access control, retail, car rental agencies and more.

With these full solutions as well as components for trusted integrators, Veridocs is helping users be certain of their patrons’ identities.

Veridocs, Inc. was founded in 2005 with Dennis Nelson as one of the co-founders.

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