Veridocs and Blue-U Partner to Improve Visitor Management and Security

MINNEAPOLIS (May 19, 2020) – Veridocs Inc., a leader in solutions for ID authentication and identity management, and Blue-U Defense, an organizational safety and security consultant, announce their partnership to offer Veridocs technologies as part of the Blue-U Safe Business Solutions. The integration will offer schools, public utilities, and any organization interested in improving its visitor management procedures a streamlined solution for state-of-the-art ID authentication and watch list management.

Veridocs’ technologies for real-time ID authentication, facial comparison, and watch list management enable users to ensure that a site visitor is presenting a valid ID document, that the visitor is the document’s rightful holder, and that the visitor is not on any internal or external watch lists (such as banned visitors or wanted criminals). When combined with the policies and procedures recommended by the Blue-U Safe Business System and Blue-U’s customized consultancy services, this solution helps organizations dramatically increase the security of their visitor management procedures so they may be certain they know who is entering their building.

“We are excited for this partnership to help organizations create rigorous but practical security procedures,” said Joe Oprosko, President and CEO of Veridocs. “With a real-time, software-powered ID check, organizations can manage visitors efficiently and simplify processes for reception and security agents.”

“Blue-U prides itself on the resources we offer clients to help them create a culture of organizational safety and security,” said Terry L. Choate, Jr., Co-Founder, CEO and President of Blue-U Defense. “Veridocs’ technologies fit perfectly into our systematic approach to security.”

About Veridocs

Veridocs is an industry leader in solutions for domestic and international ID authentication, Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance, and due diligence applications.

Veridocs delivers identity management and compliance services for industries that experience significant financial and regulatory exposure to fraudulent activities. Veridocs’ services are designed to automate and consolidate identity management, compliance, monitoring and reporting services into a simple user experience. These enhanced services facilitate a dramatic reduction in fraudulent activities while providing audit trails for clients’ regulatory compliance requirements.

Veridocs is headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky with the executive office in Minneapolis, Minnesota and a sales and support office in Las Vegas, Nevada. To learn more, visit

About Blue-U Defense

Blue-U Defense is a thought leader in highly innovative, turnkey, organizational safety and security management solutions that are designed to truly keep people safe, mitigate risk, and limit exposure to liability. They are the designer and developer of the highly innovative and effective Blue-U Safe - Turnkey Safety Solution. It is a one-of-a-kind, subscription-based service that is designed to significantly enhance organizational safety and security. They serve retail financial and insurance, utilities, public and private educational institutions, healthcare and long-term care, manufacturing, government entities and professional practices.