BrightTower Entrance Safety & Security System

Automate entry control & visitor management

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    Automates contactless entry control

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    Reduces staffing demands

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    Empowers staff with on-demand training

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    Integrates into existing systems or works as a standalone

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Automate entry and access control without compromising security

Our easy-to-use, affordable system automates entry control and visitor management while maintaining and enhancing rigorous security. Configurable options and expert consultation help you create the perfect fit for your application.

BrightTower offers software, ID readers, cameras, badging and training to monitor visitors, staff and others entering your facility. This innovative access control system is customizable to individual requirements and can function as a standalone, or can optionally be integrated into existing security or building access systems.

Staff can take advantage of on-demand learning modules designed by safety and security experts. The same experts are available for custom consulting to help address your facility’s unique needs.

Your team can be certain that strong safety and security measures are in place.

Self-Service Access Control Options, Expert Support

Tier 1 Services

Contactless Visitor Management

  • Sophisticated authentication of IDs; more advanced than a barcode scan
  • Visitor logs
  • Audit trails of ID scans for future reference or enforcement concerns

On-Demand Staff Training

  • Expertly designed learning modules
  • Value-added modules on safety in homes and communities
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Resources for Custom Needs

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Tier 2 Services

Everything included in Tier 1, plus additional options:

  • Facial matching of ID photo and person presenting the ID
  • Watch list checks (e.g. terminated employees, restricted visitors etc.)
  • Security cameras with covert triggers
  • Active threat monitoring
  • On-site security assessments
  • On-site training sessions
  • Custom consulting with safety and security experts