BrightTower Cannabis

ID authentication more secure than a barcode scan

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    Reduce risk of liability for false identification

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    Automate contactless, instant age verification

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    Automate real-time checks of watch lists and customer lists

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    Help eliminate staff guesswork identifying fake & “borrowed” IDs

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    Capture and integrate ID data

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Streamline compliance and security with Know Your Customer solutions

Sophisticated fake IDs are everywhere—potentially including in your dispensary. Protect your business from fines and fraud, and improve customer service simultaneously, with BrightTower Cannabis. Our easy-to-use, affordable, modular system uses technology proven in the highly regulated casino gaming industry. BrightTower automates the ID authentication process with a far higher level of security than a barcode scan. It can also help you leverage ID data for audit trails, watch list checks, and integration into customer loyalty programs.

Be certain with capabilities made for dispensaries

Our technology retrieves and cross-checks data from all printed and machine-readable components on an ID, and confirms its security features using our proprietary, frequently updated global ID database.

BrightTower Cannabis

  • ID authentication performed at POS
  • Results displayed in user-friendly interface
  • Option for facial matching between patron and ID photo
  • Data saved on local machine; basic reporting capabilities
  • Option to auto-populate ID data into POS software and loyalty programs
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BrightTower Cannabis Enterprise

Same features as BrightTower Cannabis, plus:

  • List-checking available (e.g. banned patrons, regulatory lists, frequent customers)
  • Data and scans saved at enterprise level; advanced reviewing & reporting capabilities
  • Option to auto-populate ID data into POS software and loyalty programs

Add modules for additional safety & security:

  • Incident management & alert system
  • Staff training expertly designed for high-risk retail
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