BrightTower Healthcare Safety & Security System

Automate visitor management & contactless entry control

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    Automates contactless entry control

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    Streamlines badge printing

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    Empowers staff with on-demand training

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    Provides peace of mind to patients and families

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Increase security & reduce demands on staff

The BrightTower system layers software, ID readers, cameras, badging and training to dramatically streamline entry control and visitor management while maintaining rigorous security.

Our easy-to-use, affordable system frees up staff time with contactless tools, efficient training and much more. With customizable options, BrightTower can function as a standalone visitor management system or can optionally be integrated into existing security or building access systems.

Staff and families can take advantage of on-demand learning modules designed by safety and security experts. The same experts are available for custom consulting to help you be certain you've covered your facility’s unique needs.

Streamlined & Touchless Visitor Management Tools

Entry & Visitor Management

Security Monitoring

  • Security cameras with covert triggers
  • Active incident and threat monitoring
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Training that Works for Your Team

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On-Demand Staff Training

  • Expertly designed learning modules created for healthcare facilities
  • Value-added modules on safety in homes and communities

Custom Consulting

  • Access to safety and security experts with backgrounds in building and personal security, fraud prevention, electronic security, law enforcement, crisis management and more