Fast checking of blocklists and safelists via an easy-to-use web service

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    Real-time watch list management

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    Compatible with internal customer lists, regulatory/government watch lists, and third-party lists

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    Assists with regulatory compliance, KYC, and customer service

Improve Service and Security with Watch List Management

TrueListCheck ™ reviews a patron’s ID real-time against numerous watch lists in real time, helping users be certain they know their customers. The technology interfaces with government watch lists and proprietary third-party lists to ensure regulatory compliance and help users reduce risks for their establishments. With the additional capability to check against internal customer lists—such as VIPs (safelists) or banned individuals (blocklists)—TrueListCheck helps staff members deliver the appropriate level of service.

Whether TrueListCheck flags a match from a blocklist or a safelist, the proper team members can be notified and take the appropriate action.

We offer US-based live support 24/7/365 across all time zones.

Internal & Proprietary Watch Lists

Internal Proprietary Watch Lists 300042916

Internal Watch Lists

  • Banned, barred, or self-excluded individuals
  • Active or terminated employees
  • VIP or high-value individuals

Proprietary Watch Lists

Veridocs TrueListCheck is an official provider of:

  • Acuris Risk Intelligence
  • WorldCheck
  • WorldCompliance

Regulatory & Government Watch Lists

FBIMWT: FBI Most Wanted Terrorists

FBIVCM: FBI Most Wanted Violent Crimes (Murder)

FBI10: FBI Top 10 Fugitives

FBIVC: FBI Violent Crimes

FBICC: FBI Wanted for Cyber Crimes

FBIWC: FBI Wanted for White Collar Crimes

FBICEI: FBI Wanted in Criminal Enterprise Investigations

FBIDOMTERR: FBI Domestic Terrorists

FBIKIDNAP: FBI Kidnappings



GCBD: Nevada Gaming Control Board Denials

GCBMW: Nevada Gaming Control Board Most Wanted

EUFS: HM Treasury - Bank of England

NGCB-UL: Nevada Gaming Control Board Unsuitability


OFAC: Office of Foreign Assets Control

PGCB-DGSP: Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board List of Denied Gaming Services Providers

PGCB-PGSP: Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board List of Prohibited Gaming Services Providers

UNSC 1267: United Nations Security Council resolution 1267

UN1518, UN1533, UN1591, UN1718, UN1970, UN1988, UN2048, UN2127, UN2140, UN2206, UN2231, UN751

CIAPEP: US CIA Politically Exposed Persons List

Regulatory Government 69302076