Use Case: Stopping Car Thieves Before Giving Them Keys

A major police unit in Nevada received a call from a local car rental company. “We had another one of our cars stolen, they used a fake ID and never came back.” The police department recommended Veridocs.

Fake IDs A Recurring Problem for Car Rentals

To rent a car in the US, you need two things: a valid driver’s license and a credit card. But what can rental agencies do when the driver’s license is fake and the credit card is stolen?

Counterfeit IDs have gotten significantly easier to come by and increasingly sophisticated. With a few clicks, anyone can purchase or create a real-looking driver’s license that matches the name on a stolen credit card. To make things even more complicated, this car rental agency was in a major tourist area, so their clients were from all over the United States. With every state having multiple variations of their license designs, it was impossible to keep track of which correct security features and watermarks to look for.

Vehicle losses were adding up and this agency needed a way to stop the thefts. They reached out to Veridocs to install TrueAuthentication at all 13 of their locations to stop criminals before they put their hands on the wheel.

After the TrueAuthentication installation, the agency saw a dramatic drop in rental car theft and increased peace of mind for agents and management. Agency employees didn’t have to guess if an ID was valid with a visual inspection. Instead, the ID was checked against Veridocs’ vast, up-to-date library of US identity documents. Within seconds, the agent knew if the transaction should proceed as normal.